Eclipses & Transits
by Greg Babcock
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1999 Total Solar Eclipse-Turkey
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      2019 Mercury Transit
ovember 11th, 2019  Vancouver, Washington, USA
Imaged using a the Tak 60mm at 355mm Focal Length, Skyris Mono 1600x1200 Camera, White Light Filter. 
  Web Page    2017 Total Solar Eclipse
August 21st, 2017  Baker City, OR USA
      2015 Lunar Eclipse
September 27th, 2015  Vancouver, Washington, USA Immaged using a TV76 with a 0.8 Focal Reducer and a 1600x1200 Imaging Source Camera.

    2012 Venus Transit
June 5th, 2012  Vancouver, WA USA 
Equipment; Televue 76mm mounted on a Takahashi Teagul Mount.  Camera is an Imaging Source 1600x1200. 
          Emerging   Light Clouds   H-Alpha   White Filter  
  Web Page    2012 Annular Solar Eclipse
May 20th, 1993  Susanville, CA USA
  Web Page    2009 Total Solar Eclipse
June 4th, 1993 Baker City, OR USA 
      2006 Mercury Transit
November 8th, 2006  Portland, Oregon USA  Brief cloud break.  Camera: Sony "Mavica" hand held over a 14mm Radian eyepiece in a TeleVue 85mm Telescope, using a "White Solar Light Filter."
  Web Page    2004 Venus Transit
June 8th, 2004  Greece
  Web Page    2001 Total Solar Eclipse
June 21st, 2001  Africa
      2000 Partial Solar Eclipse
July 1st, 2000   Astoria, Oregon, USA Photographed using a Pentax 6x7 camera & 400mm f/4 Lens at 1/1000th  of a second. Images were taken at the "Astoria Column" parking lot. 
          Close-up   Profile   Near-End      
  Web Page    1999 Total Solar Eclipse
une 4th, 1993   Turkey 
  Web Page    1998 Total Solar Eclipse
une 4th, 1993   Aruba Caribbean
      1993 Lunar Eclipse
June 4th, 1993   Portland, Oregon, USA 
Using a Brandon 130mm f/8 Refractor-Imaging at prime focus.

    1990 Partial Solar Eclipse
uly 22nd, 1990   Pine Mountain, Oregon, USA
This was a Total Eclipse midway between the Pacific Coast & Hawaii
          Sequence   Profile   Cascade   130mm  
  Future Solar Eclipses & more...  
  The next  Annular Solar Eclipse over the  USA  

  The next  Total Solar Eclipse over the  USA  
  April 8th, 2024 Good luck finding a parking place!  
  To ensure a clear sky view, Eclipse chasers worldwide are expected to jam up the Southern States.  
  The Imaging Telescope  
      The SharpStar 61 is part of a series of new is Telescopes to enter the market place.  I collapses to a size so small, that the Telescope and Mount fit into one Pelican IM-2100 case.  

This Telescope can be used for observing.  A 24mm Televue Panoptic Eyepiece provides 14x with a 4.9 degree field of view.   But this Telescope will probably never be used for any other purpose than imaging Lunar, Solar or Transit events.

The Takahashi Teegul Mount

This Mount has been modified to reduce it's foot print in a carrying case (see image below), creaating a modular Mount/Telescope design.  The counterweight shaft/housing and has been removed to reduce weight.  The
red line (pictured below), shows the weight distribution to acheive "near" blance around the R.A. axis.  The black battery pack attached to the R.A. Drive Housing aids the weight distribution.

This is my only Tracking Mount.  This is a clever mount with numerous configuration options.  It is accurate and has carried larger payloads then intended, without issues.  It has supported the 85mm Televue Refractor.  It has been used for imaging since the Venus Transit in 2004.
Eclipse Exposure Chart
Eclipses & Transits
by Greg Babcock
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