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      The perfect companion for the Southern Sky visitor.  This book contains large, easy to read chart's and detailed descriptions on 176 of the best Southern Sky Objects.  In addition, there are guides on numerous Double Stars.   Also, there are interesting history notes on Famous early observers. 

This book was originally conceived as a companion to visitors from the North eager to take out their traveling Telescopes and/or their Giant Binoculars to the South to view the Southern Sky.  This guide will help you learn the Southern Sky and develop an observing agenda in preparation for a visit to the South.  But it is an excellent Guide for Amateur Astronomers on all levels already living under the awesome Southern Sky.
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About the author 

My name is Leo Gabriel Cavagnaro. I live in Mendoza, one of the biggest cities in the west region of Argentina, situated close to the Andes Mountains. Mendoza is a friendly city to live in. It is a place of vineyards and wineries, good restaurants…and dark skies for undertaking astronomy.

I am an industrial engineer and amateur astronomer. I have enjoyed the starry skies since I was a child. I consider visual observation one of the most fruitful and amazing activities that any amateur can do. For this reason I wanted to bring this observing guide of the southern skies to help the night sky´s fans with their observations.

Leo Gabriel Cavagnaro  Contact me:  thesouthernobserver@gmail.com 
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